Tuesday, July 15, 2008

With a little sunshine... love grows.

Baby is sleeping now... after meds for his eye infection and some comforting cold applesauce... his teething subsided and he played for a while. Now it's just mommy and a dirty house. I'm going to clean after a little mini momma break.

An update on the "showing the sunshine challenge" from a few blogs ago. Now that I am more aware of my complaining, pitiful spirit. I have found myself being very thankful for the little things that my hubby does for me and letting myself be happy. Letting the Joy of the Lord be my strength and stop trying to be my own strength. If you rely on yourself for everything its easy to be unhappy and a sour-puss. I can't control everything... even though I would like too... but we all know what a mess that would be. I think God has got it.... I just need a little reminding now and then. I even see a change in my hubby, he wants to help me even more and now that I'm smiling more... so is he. I guess I have more of an impact on the mood/spirit of my household than I thought.

My journey through the book continues. I think in the end it was good for me to read this book. It has challenged me on my thinking. Even though I don't agree with absolutely everything, doesn't mean I can't get a lot out of it.

Time to be productive....

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