Monday, August 31, 2009

Where are you baby?

So I am one day past my estimated due date. This baby feels sooo heavy. I feel like I'm rolling over with a watermelon on my stomach at night.

I have had a lot more pain, so much so that I find it hard to walk if the baby is in a certain position. It's like someone stabbing me with a knife and twisting it at random times. Sounds lovely huh?

I have another appt tomorrow. I was really hoping I wouldn't be going. We've done everything except caster oil and cohosh to induce labor.

I'm munching on fresh pineapple as I type. Yum. I bought some primrose oil caplets. Chad's rubbed the pressure points to induce labor. Sex, even though it is not real appealing at this point in pregnancy. I've taken a relaxing bath. Walked, walked and walked!!!

Maybe if I jump backwards under a full moon? Any suggestions?

If I don't go into labor tonight. I'm having her strip my membranes tomorrow. Let's get this show on the road!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Preggo update 3,452... just kidding.

Another appt. today. At this rate I'll be going everyday soon, at least it seems like.

I finally have some hard data, more for Chad's sake than anything else. He freaked out when he found out that the midwife doesn't really check me until closer to the birth. He needs numbers, hard evidence. Which most of us that have had children know that dilation doesn't really mean a thing. But I guess it's nice to know my body is somewhat preparing.

So I'm 2-3 cm dilated and she wants to see me again on Monday. So I don't know if she has a hunch that I'm going to go soon or what. Today would be awesome. Chad is off today and tomorrow morning. That would be soo convenient but who knows. Baby will come when he's ready.

That's all I have for you for now! Keep us in your prayers!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Preggo update week 38

I ended up having my drs appt today rather than Monday which has totally thrown me off. My midwife actually wasn't able to be there this morning but they were still able to do my ultrasound.

The tech checked everything and was super nice she even printed out some 3D pics for me and just told me not to show anyone. She was so excited to try and catch his little face and I wasn't opposed to it :) We actually got to see him open and close his little mouth it was so great. I think the ultrasound tech was just as excited as we were! It's so nice to find people that are passionate about what they do. I just love that. Everyone should love their job that much. She said she has been doing this for thirty years now and she still gets excited when she gets to see things like that. How cool is that?

Anyway - back to the info I was waiting for. The baby is weighing in at about 7lbs 9 oz which is what Corben weighed when he was born and we are pretty close to about the same time that Corben was born. So the weight is definitely in the normal range. She said I had upper average fluid (about 18.5). The average is between 5 - 20. So I'm still average and she said it's much better to have more than little. So that could be one of the reasons I was measuring big and she also said that the other tech tends to measure large sometimes. I didn't think about differences from one tech to another. So my mind is at ease. I don't think I'll be birthing a 12 pound baby :) YAY!

Everything is looking great and I went ahead and scheduled my next appt to see Amanda for Friday because Chad is off that day for sure and it's close enough to my usual Monday appts. So I have no info to give on dilation but it not going to tell me anything magical anyway!

My energy levels have been really crazy lately. They go between the two extremes of exhaustion and lots of energy. The other night I couldn't even sleep because I wanted to get up and clean the house! I ended up getting back up and doing little things around the house until 2 in the morning. Even after that I couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep well.

I'm looking forward to labor that is for sure! That's all for now! Maybe the next post will be "Hey we're in labor!" ::crossing fingers:: :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh yeah. Makin a baby is hard work.

I can't help but share this.

I'm so getting this. I've always loved these vintage woman posters but have never seen one like this! I don't really want to pay 35 bucks for the shirt so I may just get the pin. But it's so me... I love it!

This is from Muthacrafter (a seller on etsy). Brilliant.. just brilliant.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Preggo update week 37

I just got back from my midwife appointment.

Everything looks great. Blood pressure, weight etc.
I am measuring 40 cm at 37 weeks though! I'm just hoping that the baby was in a weird position or something instead of being really big or having a complication. She scheduled another ultrasound for next week to make sure everything was still okay. I'm trying not to worry about it. Maybe it just means that the due date is off and I should be having the baby soon (crossing my fingers).

She didn't check me. She said that she usually doesn't until 38 - 39 weeks unless I just want her too. So I decided to just wait. It doesn't really mean anything anyway. I could be dilated the same for 3 weeks before I go into labor. So we'll just wait and see.

I've had about 3 or 4 contractions today. So my body is getting ready.

I'm doing my 2 cups of raspberry tea a day and trying to make sure I keep walking (even though I feel huge) to keep my stamina up and to help the baby get into position.

I just finished my new nursing cover and I love it. I tried a different pattern this time and added a little terry cloth pocket to the underside. I think I'm going to make some cloth teething rings now. It looks so easy I just have to try it. Here's the tutorial if you want to take a look.

Keep us in your prayers as we await the delivery of a healthy baby boy!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Are we there yet?

Ok. I feel gigantic! I know I've got to be bigger than I was with Corben at week 37. The baby is definitely dropped and I've been having braxton hicks now and then. I have lots of pressure and it seems like the baby is pushing against my cervix.

I'm so ready to have this baby! I really don't want to go much longer. I can't imagine how big I am going to be if I do! Ahhh!

I have my next appt. Monday and I am anxious to see if I am dilated any. I feel like my body is getting ready but you can never know for sure.

It's so frustrating. Especially because I really didn't have much happen before my water broke with Corben. And now I'm actually experiencing braxton hicks for the first time this time. Sometimes they are somewhat painful too. It's getting me even more anxious. I think I would just rather have my water break and everything just happen all of a sudden. Than have all these little warning signs. Just come already! My midwife is back in town. Chad is a few weeks from starting a new job. This week or next would be perfect! Please? Can you hear me in there?
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