Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Walking

Well, I guess it's official Corben is walking!

He took his first steps about a week after turning one but it has been a process since then. He is a very careful child and likes to feel things out before he jumps into them. Case in point: His birthday cake. He touched the icing and tasted it ... then tasted a little more. I had to stick my finger in and show him the cake in hopes that that would get him going. But he was methodical... a little bit here and there until towards the end he was starting to get into it but he still didn't get really messy. He takes his time... he figures it out and eventually gets there.

So he has been "walking" for a while. Taking a step or two on his own and then walking along the couch then walking between two objects and now he is getting up and walking pretty regular. And he has figured out that he can carry things with him! He loves this! It's the best thing since sliced bread.

I guess I just expected him to do what everyone else said he would do. I would be asked if he was walking yet and I would say "Well he takes a few steps on his own" and they would reply "OH! just wait next week he'll be running around the house." Well that didn't happen. Walking was a few months in the making but that's just Corben. And I love that.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's with the other man in my life

Today was Valentine's Day. If you looked outside you wouldn't think so. It was so dreary and rainy. Chad had to work so we are going to celebrate tomorrow. So I was at home bored while Corben was taking a nap.... Okay there were things I could be doing but who wants to clean on valentines day? There was nothing on tv, not even a chick movie? wha? So I decided after Corben got up we were going on a date.

We went over to the Evans shopping center and walked around the stores for a little bit and let Corben "pick out" a card for daddy. Then we went to Panera for dinner. I have been craving the Broccoli and cheese soup, YUM! I had to stay away from it while breastfeeding cause the broccoli gave Corben gas. So I have to get it while I can before the next one gets here! I ordered the broccoli and cheese soup and got Corben a grilled cheese which comes with an organic blueberry yogurt (Corben's favorite). I tore his sandwich into little pieces on his plate and we both ate our dinner. I had such a good time. He was soo good and just ate his little sandwich and yogurt like a big boy. I think we'll have to do this every year. I made conversation.. even though he didn't have much to say but some grunting for more :) But I think he enjoyed our time just as much as I did.

Afterwards, I had to pick up a few things at kroger and right when we came in the door all you saw were balloons everywhere! Corben started pointing up and had this big smile on his face. I couldn't resist getting him one. I found the little ones on a stick that he could hold really easy. His face lit up and he held on and played with it the whole way through the store. I had to dodge a few balloon swipes near my face but I didn't mind, he was having so much fun.

I'm so glad I decided to celebrate Valentine's with him. It made my day. I am going to miss our time with "just us." I know the new baby will be wonderful and add a beautiful dynamic but I will miss our little trips with "just the two of us." I feel a Will Smith song coming on. Okay better stop the post now :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pokes, cupcakes, and will you be my friend?

Okay so am I the only one that thinks all this myspace/facebook stuff is kinda ridiculous? First it was myspace now facebook is more popular so you have to have a facebook page and a myspace page and keep up with all of it! Who has time for that?

I think I'm getting old. I find myself more and more thinking, why are these things so popular they are such a waste of time! Those young whipper snappers with nothing better to do :) Okay so I don't go that far but I don't think I'm far off.

I sit here complaining but yet I have a myspace and a facebook page. And I will keep them because how else will I stay in touch with all these people I barely see anymore? So I'm forced to keep up with the hype and the annoying task of updating my page. Which I rarely do. Facebook confuses the heck out of me. Why do you have to download an application to send someone a "gift". Why would I want to poke someone? Isn't that a little invasive. I don't go around poking people. What does all this mean?!

Maybe I'll feel better if someone sent me a cupcake... but why would I want a virtual cupcake... if you say your going to send me a cupcake there better be yummy icing and some cute thing on top that I can sink my teeth into. Don't taunt a pregnant woman! It's not pretty.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Preggo week 11

The nausea has subsided. I have enjoyed the taste of food for two days so I feel safe in saying that. I went two weeks straight feeling nauseated constantly. I had to force myself to eat anything. I thought I would be a skinny little thing by now but I've also laid around on the couch a lot so there was not a lot of calorie burning going on. I actually felt good enough to go outside and go for a walk with Corben today. So there is a light at the end of the belly.. so to speak.

I'm hoping this is the last of the nausea. I didn't want to be sick my whole pregnancy! So say a little prayer for my tummy... It's nice to be able to eat when your growing a little human!

Monday, February 2, 2009

It's official... we have a peanut!

We met with the midwife today. I didn't realize they were going to do everything in the first visit. Everything! Take blood... pap smear... and ultrasound! Boy am I glad Chad was off today or Corben would not have made it through all that!

I really liked the midwife. She's very sweet and we had plenty of time to talk. She took extra time to try and find the heart beat even though she said their was a chance she wouldn't be able to get it clearly this early... but there it was... loud and clear... A good strong heartbeat. So good the midwife thought I might be farther along than I thought. But the ultrasound had my due date right where we estimated... August 30. Big, Hot and sweaty! Not looking forward to a pregnant Georgia summer. So far so good! Our little peanut is doing well.

I'm not totally set in stone on going with the midwife yet. I still have time to feel it out but I feel good about it so far...
We'll see!
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