Friday, February 13, 2009

Pokes, cupcakes, and will you be my friend?

Okay so am I the only one that thinks all this myspace/facebook stuff is kinda ridiculous? First it was myspace now facebook is more popular so you have to have a facebook page and a myspace page and keep up with all of it! Who has time for that?

I think I'm getting old. I find myself more and more thinking, why are these things so popular they are such a waste of time! Those young whipper snappers with nothing better to do :) Okay so I don't go that far but I don't think I'm far off.

I sit here complaining but yet I have a myspace and a facebook page. And I will keep them because how else will I stay in touch with all these people I barely see anymore? So I'm forced to keep up with the hype and the annoying task of updating my page. Which I rarely do. Facebook confuses the heck out of me. Why do you have to download an application to send someone a "gift". Why would I want to poke someone? Isn't that a little invasive. I don't go around poking people. What does all this mean?!

Maybe I'll feel better if someone sent me a cupcake... but why would I want a virtual cupcake... if you say your going to send me a cupcake there better be yummy icing and some cute thing on top that I can sink my teeth into. Don't taunt a pregnant woman! It's not pretty.

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Sara said...

This post is quite funny. I chuckled about the poking part.. and the cupcake. You're right about all the apps. I think they're rediculous too and I often get poked by people I haven't spoken to in a while, which is a little wierd and uncomfortable. Am I then required to send them some sort of message, or do I just poke back, even though we don't really talk. What's the etiquette here?

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