Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Walking

Well, I guess it's official Corben is walking!

He took his first steps about a week after turning one but it has been a process since then. He is a very careful child and likes to feel things out before he jumps into them. Case in point: His birthday cake. He touched the icing and tasted it ... then tasted a little more. I had to stick my finger in and show him the cake in hopes that that would get him going. But he was methodical... a little bit here and there until towards the end he was starting to get into it but he still didn't get really messy. He takes his time... he figures it out and eventually gets there.

So he has been "walking" for a while. Taking a step or two on his own and then walking along the couch then walking between two objects and now he is getting up and walking pretty regular. And he has figured out that he can carry things with him! He loves this! It's the best thing since sliced bread.

I guess I just expected him to do what everyone else said he would do. I would be asked if he was walking yet and I would say "Well he takes a few steps on his own" and they would reply "OH! just wait next week he'll be running around the house." Well that didn't happen. Walking was a few months in the making but that's just Corben. And I love that.

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