Friday, April 10, 2009

The Cadillac of Strollers

I have had so many posts rolling around in my brain lately. I finally have a chance to sit down and write one! My parents went up to the IKEA Charlotte with us yesterday to pick up a bunk bed for Corben. We had a lot of fun and my mom was in heaven. She loves decorating/interior design.

We were all in the cafe, eating some scrumptious IKEA food when I saw a women put her small newborn in the lower portion of a jogging stroller. I was looking from the front so I couldn't see everything but my first instinct was alarm. You aren't supposed to put little babies in the bottom of that! When she wheeled by I couldn't help but inspect more.

There was a little napper area in the back of the stroller. Her 2 year old was strapped in front and her newborn was cozily snuggled in the napper in the back/bottom. I was immediately in awe of this stroller.

Later we passed by her and I asked her about the stroller. She said it was wonderful, especially if you have your kids close together (her two were 20 months apart). Corben will be about 21 months when our new little one is born. She said it was pretty expensive but her mother-in-law bought it for them and she couldn't be more grateful.

I knew as soon as I got home I would be looking up the specs on a Phil & Ted's stroller. I have been checking out lots of double strollers lately, especially ones that accommodate an infant and a toddler. Most of these stroller weigh anywhere from 35 to 50 pounds. Can you imagine lugging that thing in and out of your car! 50 pounds!!

This stroller is only 24 pounds and is about the footprint of a regular full size single stroller. I'm in love. I don't know if I could see myself spending between $500 and $700 dollars on a stroller. OUCH!

But with as much as I take Corben for walks and like to get out of the house. It may be worth it. I'll be daydreaming about this one for a while...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Drum Roll Please......

Alright everybody! I know you are dying to know the news...

Surprise! It's a B-O-Y!

I think he fooled almost everybody! Chad was a little disappointed we weren't having a girl, especially since he "knew" we were having a girl. Now we just have to figure out a name!

So the one person who voted that it would be a boy... you were so right!

I'll post some sonogram pics as soon as I can. Two boys, wow.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Come on out and vote!

Only a few hours left! Make sure you get out and vote... for my baby that is :) Don't forget to take the poll on the right to predict what we are having!

I'm really nervous actually.

We really don't know how many children we plan to have and are just kind of seeing when our family feels "complete." But who knows... this could be it. We may feel complete after two. What if this is the last time we find out what we are having? Just kind of crazy to think about!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Preggo update week 19

Hello Everybody!
I'm almost half way there. Can you believe it? I'm feeling lots of stretching lately so I'm assuming that's the baby making some room in there. I have my ultrasound next Tuesday. So when we find out I'm sure I'll post here ASAP.

We tried to call everybody the first pregnancy and we were on the phone all day! So we're going to try to be a little more efficient this time.

I'm feeling pretty good overall. My nausea came back for a few days during my second trimester which was really strange but I haven't seen any signs of it lately. I'm starting to want healthier food again. I would have to make myself eat a banana or a veggie. I just wanted bread or chocolate milk etc. Not really healthy stuff. Which is a big difference from Corben. I wanted fruit and milk... I would eat a whole quarter watermelon in one sitting. Yum... that does actually sound pretty good right now :) Publix here I come. So I'm happy I'm getting some healthy cravings. I always feel so guilty if I don't eat well.

I do still have that deep craving for McDonald's sweet tea. This was a tradition when Sara and I were pregnant last time. I can't be out and about without getting one. And for a buck who can resist?

I think it would be fun to do a poll on who thinks it is a boy or a girl. So following in Micah and Melissa blog's footsteps I'm going to do my first poll. Who, by-the-way just had a beautiful little boy a few weeks ago. Little Paul is adorable! Anyway, come on and take the poll! I want to see what you guys think. I'm biting my nails in anticipation.

NOte to self: Kicking the habit of biting my nails needs to go on my 101 list!
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