Monday, July 28, 2008

Milk does a body good, Right?

So I get this newsletter every so often from "Real Age" It's this health assessment website where you can see your real age according to your grooming habits, nutrition, exercise etc. Basically to see if your a healthy person or not. Anyway, I got my little newsletter and I was reading through it when I stumbled upon this article: "Does milk really do a body good?" I couldn't resist reading it especially since I am on this "knowing exactly what's in what I am putting in my body kick." Reading it gave me more proof that the milk on the market is NOT what I want in my body. I want to switch to raw milk but have yet to find some in North Augusta. There is a organic farm in Aiken that sells it but I am not in Aiken enough or want to spend the gas to go get some. So in the meantime I am going all organic with dairy... something I wish I would have done while I was pregnant but there is nothing I can do about it now. At least little "c" will be drinking organic when he gets to that stage.

The article also got my wheels turning about how much we fall prey to marketing. It is sooo powerful! For example... where do we go to get vitamin C in our diet? Most of you will probably say oranges or orange juice but in reality.... strawberries, kiwi, and red bell pepper have more vitamin C than oranges do. So why do we drink that glass of orange juice in the morning instead of some fresh strawberries? Marketing. Same way with milk... does it really do a body good? Check the article out, there is a great quiz with it to see how much you really know about milk and how much of it is just propaganda. Have fun!

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