Monday, July 14, 2008

How-to Mondays: Self Promotion Website

I know some of you probably looked at the title and were like whoa a website all in one post... not exactly. If you aren't a designer you might not find this as cool but I've finally figured out how to get my portfolio website up! Have another designer do it :) I know what some of you are thinking..."but aren't you a designer?" I think David Arie of the blog "David Arie: Graphic and Logo Designer" described it best:

"Ask any designer if they’re 100% satisfied with their work, and, whether openly admitted or not, there’s a very high chance of a negative response. That’s not to say their designs aren’t successful. Far from it. The statement refers more to the bane of any designers life – being overly critical – especially when designing for their own self-promotion.

When working with clients, they have the final decision, so it’s easier to know when a project is complete. When a designer creates for themselves (a personal logo or website, for instance) it can be tempting to obsess about the details."


So a fellow designer (and long time friend of mine) and I were talking one day and he said I cannot finalize anything on my self promotion website. I keep changing everything! Want to design it for me? SURE!

So we acted as clients. Pretty weird when you are used to being on the other side all the time. I think I am a pretty good client though. I did make the statement I always roll my eyes to (in my head... not in front of the client ) "Yeah, I want it to be boutiquish but not too boutiquish." I can bet twenty bucks that every time someone wants something designed they use that statement... "I want it blue but not too blue... I want it professional looking but not soo professional it looks stale" It's amazing the magic we designers can come up with. We have to be mind readers and invent ways for something to be "red but not too red, cute but not too cute" ... you get the idea.

So anyway... we designed each other's websites and logos and guess what? We both are so happy with the results! Pure genius! So keep a look out-the website is just in the beginning stages so far but I'll post it when it's done. So I guess the lesson to be learned.

If at first you don't succeed... delegate! lol :)

This concludes How-to Mondays!

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Sara said...

good for you! i look forward to seeing the finished product.

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