Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Day of Sweet Victory!

We had two great victories today!

Devlin "officially" crawled today! He's been moving backwards and doing lots of "downward facing dog" poses trying to get the idea down. Today was the day that he put the pieces together. You can see a little of it in the video above.

Just when I thought the day couldn't be any better. Corben goes #2 two on the potty for the first time!!! He goes "pee-pee" like a champ but he always seemed scared to go #2. He would ask to be put on the potty but then he acted like he was holding it in. Then of course he would go a little while later in his big boy pants.

We did the same song and dance this time but I tried to explain what to do again and then I bribed him! LOL I told him I would take him to the coffee shop and he could have anything he wanted... a sprinkle cookie, cupcake WHATEVER! I used lots of big fun words to describe the desserts like gigantic, humungous, huge (with the motions and voice inflection to go with them). Okay, I was getting tired of cleaning poo out of cloth underwear! I got desperate.

He kept getting on and off the potty. So I went on doing things around the house. Then I saw him dart for the bathroom. So I followed but stayed back just in case he needed "privacy" ?? I glanced in and saw him pushing and then a few seconds later I hear, "MOMMY!!!"
"Yes, sweetie"

Lots of joyful dancing came after that!!!!
I couldn't be more excited! And on the day that Devlin crawls! I was praying and hoping that I could be done with potty training before he crawled. I was thinking that going #2 was going to take a while for him to be okay with doing.

Oh and in case you are wondering. Corben chose the "sprinkle cookie" so that is exactly what we went to get after dinner. :)

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