Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stick it!

A new stick shift that is...

We have finally gotten the Jetta back and it is now a stick shift. I looooove stick shifts. Don't get me wrong - when the very first car Chad and I bought together was a stick shift... I was not happy. I'm going to pay all this money for a car I can't even drive?? I hated it... but I warmed to it eventually.

And I'll tell you a little secret. I was better at driving it than Chad was... shhhh don't tell him I told you!

I love the amount of control you have with them and I think they are safer to drive. You have no choice than to pay attention to what you are doing while driving. The car won't work if you don't! You can't be lazy like an automatic you have to be aware of your car and the road at all times. When our boys grow up... their first car will be a stick shift... and a beater... everybody's first car has to be a beater! How else will you have great stories to tell your grandkids?

Okay.. .so my first car wasn't a beater... it was a 1998 Geo Prizm. Oh how I miss that gas mileage... I could fill it up for 10 bucks (when gas was 98 cents a gallon of course). It was a great little car and served me well my first few years of driving. Chad's first car was a 1979 Toyota Corolla!!! LOL and it's still running to this day supposedly. I think he bought it for a couple hundred bucks or something. Aaaahhh I can't wait to do the same kind of stuff with my kids.

I don't care if we could get them a new car. Do you really think an inexperienced 16 year old driver should be behind the wheel of a brand new car? Ummm... no. Do you know how many cars my brothers wrecked during their early driving years. YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW. Then again... my brothers were (ahem are) pretty crazy but that's another story.

Anyone else have a great first car story?

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Sara said...

My first car story is that my Mom decided what I should get. It was brand new, but I disliked it. After two years, it became hers. My second car was also brand new, a Pontiac Sunfire in baby blue. I loved her and drover her through college. My girls are totally getting a beater, though. haha!

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