Friday, October 10, 2008

We are definitely a MAC family now!

That's right my husband is now a full time employee of Peachmac, the new mac retailer opening in the area. He will be a "Mac Specialist" :). He is so excited and I am so excited for him. I might be more excited than he is. Having a husband that loves his job is sooo beneficial for your marriage. I don't know how many years that Chad has not liked the jobs he has been at. It puts a strain on your marriage when you hubby comes home everyday exhausted and unhappy because he has had to be at a place that he can't stand for eight hours. I wouldn't be peachy either! Reminds me of my serving days... eh lets not go there. I think everyone should have to be a server for at least six months during their lifetime. In hopes that it would give everyone perspective and respect for the people that are waiting on them! It is a tough job, especially when half the people treat you like dirt.

Anyway ... I said I wasn't going to go there and I still went there... typical of me :). So Chad is going to be in heaven and is going to get paid for something he does for fun anyway. Just the other day he helped a stranger who needed more info on macs while he was looking around Best Buy. He's such a dork... but hey those are the people most people end up working for. Gosh I need those etsy buttons!

Oh and another tooth update. Corben now has a tooth on the top and there are two more bumps in his mouth. They are coming full force! This last one pushing through wasn't nearly as bad as the first thank goodness. He was really just screaming when the tooth was actually popping through. Poor little guy. My baby is growing up. He has teeth when he smiles... there is just something about that toothless little smile...sigh... now it's not there anymore.

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