Saturday, October 11, 2008

Telling it like it is :)

Have you ever been called out? Not really intentionally but after you have the conversation you sit back and think... well maybe they are right? Most of the time this kind of statement will come from family... and it did.

As I've said before I have been super busy with the whole family business. I spend my nights on the computer or on the phone or both. Once I was on the phone, IMing, reading, and nursing at the same time. I know ... I'm ridiculous.

So It's Saturday night and where am I? At my computer then making a call to John about text approval for the website. We get talking about other things and he was telling me he was hanging out with his girlfriend and some friends and they just got pizza. Then he chimes in and says... "you know Gifton, you really should be doing something fun on a Saturday night." I laughed it off and blamed it on him being a slave driver. Then he keeps going... "you really should get out more. Tell you what, this band is going to be in town at such and such date and we should go. Okay."

It's really cool that John would invite me to do that. We have always been on the same wavelength personality wise and music wise. We just "get" each other. However, my family doesn't really "do" stuff together outside of family functions like Birthdays and holidays. So it was really cool that we are making an effort to be more proactive in our family relationship.

BUT STILL! I get off the phone and I stare at my computer. Wow, I'm 24 sitting at home on a Saturday night working.... working.... Having a life is a luxury we don't really have right now. You know what we do for fun? Get out of the house and go for walks in the park with our son. Which is great... don't get me wrong! But you know what I would love to be able to say we do on the weekends? The beach (I can't wait for Corben to see the beach for the first time), mountains, concerts, go for drinks with friends, go dancing all night, snowboarding, kayaking, see a play, go to an art gallery, paint in my studio (I would have to have a studio first :) ).

For now this is where we are.. so you know what I'm going to do? View beautiful seascapes and landscapes on my computer, watch a live concert on utube, have a cup of hot cocoa with a little cinnamon for something different, dance in my living room (with no one around to laugh), snowboard on my wii fit, and sketch my dreams on my sketchpad. This is where I am... My dreams are still alive, some are today and some are for tomorrow. I'm just a work in progress.

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