Friday, October 17, 2008

Let the bruises begin!

My boy is all boy. He has his first bloody lip and a little bruise on his bum. He's crawling all over, pulling up and walking around. And of course, with all that comes falling down. I try to let him explore as much as he wants (within reason). And I try not to make a big deal when he falls because then he will see it as a big deal and cry more. He's a little trooper and most of the time just picks himself back up and keeps going. He's definitely all boy!

Also Corben got a wonderful present in the mail the other day! A client emailed me last week about some new work and asked how the baby was doing. She wanted to send a gift for him which was really sweet of her. So a few days later I received three wonderful books in the mail.

The first is "Alphabet by Van Fleet which has lots of textures in it for Corben to feel as I read it to him. He loves it! He is so into textures right now. Then there is my favorite little book so far ...
"I love you through and through" by Bernadette Rossetti-shustak. The little boy in the book looks just like Corben and it is just a wonderful little book.

The third was "My first book of numbers" by Eric Carle. The book is divided into two sections and you have to match the number on top with the right amount of different fruits on the bottom. Very good for problem solving skills. This was such a great gift! Its really neat that Corben is beginning to be able to appreciate/use the gifts that are given to him. I'm so excited to see him grow more and sad to see his baby-ness start to fade.

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