Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Is everyone else out there as disappointed with this election as I am? I find myself at a crosswords with a decision between two candidates... bad and worse. Should I just pick the lesser of two evils?

Both have shown inconsistencies and want to force me to be generous or in Obama's words "spread the wealth around". But I've earned that money... I went out and worked for it. And now because you think I need to help others you are going to force me to do that. Does that promote generosity or hinder it? No wonder people are stingy when it comes to tithing or giving to charities. The government forces them to give already so there isn't much left. I believe that since FDR the government has tried become "the church" and the church has gladly encouraged it. The government and legislation is the substitute for our morality or our fervor for sharing our convictions.

We have become lazy. The church has become lazy. Why try to convince people that what they are doing is wrong... lets just make a law that forces them to do it! Does it make our society better? Maybe it keeps some people from breaking those laws out of fear. But those that are convinced to do something are going to do it anyway. Those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still. I love that quote. We don't try to touch the heart anymore we just want the government to force.

So where does that leave our civil liberties? Do we really have much of them anymore? Our forefathers would be appalled at where we are today.

So we make laws and the church sits on their laurels and gets fat and lazy. No need to do anything... the government will take care of making people be moral. I'm not saying we don't' need laws for some things... but we have gotten legislation crazy. Lets make a law for everything!

so back to the election... I'm still praying about what to do. Either way... these next four years are not going to be in good hands. I'm just glad God presides over it all. But a part of me wonders if this isn't going to be the wake up call this country needs. That's how things changed at the beginning of this country. We were tired of taxation without representation. We were passionate about what we believed, so much so that we would commit treason to fix it. Where has that passion for freedom gone? You know the requirements for the house or the senate was when it was first formed? They must meet at least once a year. Once a year! That's how small they wanted the federal government to be. They knew how dangerous a government can be when it becomes bigger than "We the People"

I'm just very disappointed. God give me wisdom and discernment, because I'm at a loss for what to do.

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