Sunday, September 21, 2008


Okay the last few posts have been serious so I felt the need to have a happy post.

This reminds me of what I do when we are having a horribly stressful day and we are both about to explode most likely at each other. (yesterday was one of those days). When Chad is freaking out and discussing something extremely stressful with me I have to stop him and say "look I can't really take all this. This conversation is way too stressful right now. I just want to talk about FUZZY BUNNIES! Cute little fuzzy bunnies. I like fuzzy bunnies how about you?" He usually just stops, looks at me like I'm the silliest woman alive and then I ask him again... Do you like fuzzy bunnies? He smiles and usually says - you're a fuzzy bunny. I guess it's my way of diffusing the situation before I explode from stress. Who couldn't smile when you are talking about fuzzy bunnies?

I know... I'm a little odd but it works and if you can't be completely silly with your husband then who can you be completely silly with?

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Sara said...

I like that. At the very least, I'm going to start saying that to myself if not to other people when I'm feeling myself tense up. I could have said that to my mom a few times last week.

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