Monday, September 8, 2008

The first tooth is here!

It's finally here! What Chad and I have been waiting for since Corben was about 4 months old! A tooth! He had been acting very needy and fussy the past few days and I couldn't quite figure out why. He wasn't drooling a lot or anything... just fussy and needy. Then this morning he starting biting my finger as I was standing him up and there it was, the sharp edges of his first tooth! Thank goodness! We were so ready for this thing to come through. Now we are hoping that the next ones won't be as difficult or painful.

FYI if any of you are thinking about trying the amber teething necklaces. It did not work for us. But I got it big enough so I can at least wear it as a choker. oh well it was worth a try. The homeopathic teething tablets were the Godsend. We didn't have to use Tylenol nearly as much. They work great and are completely natural.

just my two cents worth.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

yay! The first little toof!

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