Friday, August 29, 2008

A Baby is on the way!

Ha! Made you look!

Not me silly, my friend Lanie! Her baby girl will be here any time now... at least we hope so.

It all started last night....
We got a call from them letting us know that she was having contractions and they were getting ready to go to the hospital. The had their midwife paged and were heading to trinity because they are supposed to be very open to natural childbirth. More than some of the other hospitals in the area anyway.

Garren has an Iphone so he was giving us a play-by-play while they were waiting at the hospital. They could not get their midwife to answer their pages and they did not see a doctor for three hours! She was only 1.5 centimeters dilated so they just wanted to leave but couldn't without a doctor's permission. Well if one would show up in the first place, then they could go!

So to say the least they were stressed out because they could not get their midwife. So they decided to leave the hospital and come here to hang out with us while Lanie labored some more. Luckily I still had my birthing ball inflated and some organic raspberry leaf tea just waiting to be sipped :). When they got here Lanie and I took a walk to try to help things move along. They live in Aiken so they decided to just stay at our house so they would be closer to the hospital if things started progressing more. So we set her up some soothing classical music and candles so she could take a bath and relax. Which would hopefully help things along too.

We all ended up crashing and I just slept in my clothes so I could be ready at a moments notice. Since the midwife was nowhere to be found Lanie wanted some more support there so I am going to be her doula (as long as her midwife cannot be found)... I am soooo excited!! I feel so privileged to be a part of this beautiful experience.

So she is still having consistent contractions but they are just not really strong. She has thinned out some more too. They had to go to their scheduled Dr. appointment this morning in Augusta so they will find out more of what is going on with their midwife. Just pray for them. Pray that everything goes smoothly and Lanie doesn't have to be stressed that she is not going to be able to have the birth that she wants and is used to.

I'll give more details later! I'm sooo excited, birth is just such a miracle!

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