Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good God, Good Doctor, Good All Around.

I had my first interview with a pediatrician. I never got around to doing interviews before Corben because ... let's see.. I was working full time, OBGYN visits, lamaze classes etc. So it just didn't happen. I'm kind of glad I did it now after I've been a mom for a year, I feel like I know more of what to ask, what my practical concerns are...

Of course the doctor started off with the normal spiel about how the office is run. What appointments will be like, how long, and that I can call him anytime etc. Then asked if I had any questions. I was very upfront about my main concern which was in general his medical philosophy on the big issues like breastfeeding, vaccines, when to start solid foods, and am I going to be asked to come in every time I have a question about something or does he promote trying to take care of issues at home.

I was very impressed with his answers and he seemed very down to earth and sensible. That's all I wanted! He admitted that vaccine concerns are valid and any type of intervention has possible side effects. He had a child die from Amoxicillin. It's very rare but it happens. Thank you! Finally someone that admits that there should be caution with anything we give our children. I'm not crazy! Okay maybe a little :) He said that usually the way he handles it when parents don't want any, is that he suggests some that he thinks are very necessary and then there are some that aren't as necessary. In hopes that they would at least try the more pressing ones. He said he's perfectly fine with a modified schedule and for the past seven years he decided to not give the MMR until after two because of all the concerns from parents about autism. He doesn't personally believe that there is a correlation but that's what he decided to do in his practice. He actually cares about what the parents are concerned about? Enough to change how he gives vaccines... against the suggested schedule??? I totally expected to be disappointed to tell you the truth. I searched for pediatricians in the area and many of them had strong opinions about it on their websites. So I knew I should not even try with those practices.

We discussed his experience and training with breastfeeding moms and babies and when to start solids etc. And I was upfront with my view on going to see doctors - of course I want your opinion but there are going to be those times when I feel like I should go with my motherly instincts. He said "a lot of mom's come in with lots of questions and I'll go through each one with them and make suggestions and give my medical opinion and if you want to try another way then I just note that on the chart and it's no big deal."

The biggest issue was for me to feel like I can have an open conversation with my son's doctor. If I can't then I know my son isn't going to get the best medical care. And I do feel like I can talk to this doctor. He was reasonable and approachable.

That's all I wanted and I got it with the first doctor I interviewed. God is so good. Now I don't have to worry about where Corben will get medical care and if I will have to fight my doctor every visit or feel like a crazy person just because I want to do something different.

Peace. God takes care of us every step of the way.

So we'll probably have our 18 month check up with the new doctor and then shortly after we'll have well baby checkups with the new addition.

I could not be happier and the best part is he is right around the corner. I could walk to the practice if I wanted to. How nice is that? If there is ever a major concern and I need to bring Corben in I won't have to go far.

.. Did I mention that God is good?

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Sara said...

yea! happy, happy.

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