Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Corben's Birthday

Well, I think we finally decided to wait until the first few weeks of January to have Corben's first birthday party. I know he doesn't know the difference but I hate to celebrate a month after! Oh well what can you do? Chad isn't allowed to ask off for specific days during the holidays so we never know when he might be off on a Saturday or Sunday. I really don't want to throw a party together last minute either. If you aren't going to do it right then why do it? I hate doing things half way, so we are going to wait... as much as it kills me. I think more people would be able to make it too because it won't be right in the middle of the holidays.

So I'll continue to plan. The theme is still "BEEP, BEEP Corben is turning one," with simple cars in light blue and red I think. I'm finding all these cute things you can make into cars for party favors.I have to admit I'm a little overwhelmed by it all. Throwing a kids party is something I've never done before. I've got all these ideas whirling around in my head and I think I'm just getting dizzy from it all. I think this calls for some hands-on Gifton time. I can always think better when I'm doing a craft with my hands, drawing or painting. It relaxes me almost instantly. I guess it gives my mind one thing to focus on and nothing else!

1 comment:

Kelli said...

I CANNOT believe he is one already!

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