Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Doctor's Visit... yay

Okay, if you don't want to listen to a rant then stop reading. You know... I want to go to a doctors visit without being nervous. Why am I always the one choosing the most difficult way to do something. I think it would just be easy to either do vaccines or don't do them at all. Trying to do your own schedule is a pain!

This all stems from Corben's one year doctor's appointment today. My doctor informs me that there is a measles outbreak that has killed 45 people. So they are recommending every child get their vaccine as soon as possible. And if I didn't get the vaccine my doctor could no longer see Corben.

My first thought... "See you later." But I calmed down internally and started asking questions and explaining. Now, my doctor has been pretty good about our choice to do a modified schedule and has been very gracious. I know he is just doing his job and looking out for the good of his patients and his insurance bill. He explained that if Corben had measles and was in the waiting room and a 9 month old caught it from Corben then he would be personally liable. Okay, I want to strangle every person that is sue happy right now. A child could catch this kind of disease anywhere... Come ON! I'm not saying this is not a cause for concern for me. Of course when I hear there is an outbreak I want to do the best thing to protect my son.

So on our personal vaccine schedule we had the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine separated. We knew it would cost extra to do it that way but it is worth it to us. I had Mumps first on the schedule so I asked him if he would recommend to do the measles first instead. He said yes but he could still not see me unless I had all of them done. Wha? Why? I thought it was a measles outbreak? Measles... not mumps and rubella. On my schedule I have them spaced about a year apart. 15 months-mumps, 27 months rubella, 36 months measles. So that means Corben would not be seen until after 36 months if I continued with my current schedule. He offered to bring Corben in and seclude him so he could receive his shots etc. Which was nice. I know he was trying to do everything he could and save his rear-end as well. Which there is nothing wrong with that per-se. I'm just so fed up with the medical community and people that want to sue everyone with a stethoscope that doctors are afraid to pee without asking first.

We are trying to do what's best for our son and the doctor said he was just trying to do what's right for the thousands of patients he sees.

Was he implying that we weren't? Did we put our child in daycare with no vaccines and not try to breastfeed him so he would have antibodies and a strong immune system. NO, we choose to keep our child at home and breastfeed him exclusively. Because we made those decision we thought we were being responsible enough to modify the vaccine schedule the way we thought best. We were being considerate of others. We didn't put our son in a situation where he could easily contract a disease and give it to others. We took every precaution that was safe for our child and beneficial for others.

But we're the crazy ones! We're the inconvenient ones. Don't get me wrong... I'm not mad at my doctor.. a little frustrated, yes. I told him I totally understand where he is coming from... totally.. he's a medical professional. All he knows is what he has been indoctrinated with in medical school. Vaccines are better for the masses so that's what we should do. Vaccinate. No matter what. (I didn't verbalize all of that I just thought it).

I explained we would not be making these decisions about vaccines if Corben was in daycare etc. And I am just trying to do the best for my specific child. HEY THATS MY JOB IM HIS MOM!!!!

You know the first week they want to listen to your motherly instincts but eventually I guess you are supposed to hand over those to the doctor.

I'm just mad, frustrated, and my heart is broken from wondering if I'm going to have to make a medical decision about my child that I am forced into.

I'm looking into getting the measles vaccine separate asap. And I am going to continue to think and pray on the rest. Maybe this is my cue to find another doctor that will actually understand where I am coming from. Or maybe I should just stick it out and do my schedule the way I've already set out. We are both making our choices, him to not see us anymore and me to continue with what I think it right for my son and what I have a peace about.

He's my son, my responsibility, God entrusted him to my husband and I and we don't take that lightly.

Please know that I am venting and I'm sure I'll have this figured out soon. Just feels good to get all these thoughts out.


Kelli said...

ugggh! I'll keep my mouth closed. How frustrating! That really is so silly. How in the world would someone be able to prove where they got measles?? As thinking parents, we are being discriminated against. Unbelievable!

Sara said...

I'm glad you're understanding the pressure in the medical community to do things a certain way... a way they think is best for their patients, but also protects themselves. I hate that people and lawyers are so quick to sue these days.
Just a quick comment on Kelli's comment... A thinking parent could come to different conclusions, some to vaccinate traditionally and some not to vaccinate traditionally. Some people might take offense. :)

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