Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How do you make a family?

I know that some people think you pop out a baby and poof! You have a family... but I really want my family to be on purpose. Not just same blood type under the same roof. But what does a close knit family look like? My family is pretty close... there are still areas to improve but we get together on holidays/birthdays and talk on the phone now and then. Hug when we leave etc. But sometimes it does feel like there are a few empty spots. I would love to have all of my sons, daughters and their family go on yearly trips and come together to share and pray together on a regular basis. I don't know... I know it sounds a little too dreamy but I think its possible.

So my husband and I decided to attend a new home group at our church that is focused on family inclusive bible study/worship. We are really enjoying it. We are the only ones with one child and he can't interact very well because he is only 6 months but the other kids love him. They come up and play with him and everyone makes us feel welcome. It so nice to be refreshed and just be around other believers that want the same thing for their family.

My husband and I led a group about a year and a half ago and were so tired and spiritually exhausted we decided to take a break from home groups for a while. We were trying to do too much - I was a full time student and part time worker and my husband worked full time and we were both leaders in the youth group which consisted of Wednesday nights, Sunday Nights and other special events along with a Monday night home group which we were hosting/leading/and doing worship - needless to say we had too much on our plate. Then we found out we were pregnant and after classes, doctors visits etc.. it took us almost 2 years to get back into another home group. Better late than never I suppose. In the end I think we were supposed to end up in this group. I can already see my husband be encouraged by the other fathers. Every night since our last meeting we curl up together and he prays for our family. It's the most beautiful thing a wife and mother can hear - her husband praying over her and their baby. What more security and love do you need than your husband walking with God and leading your family?

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Sara said...

So awesome. It just feels so "right" to hear our husbands pray over our families, doesn't it? Wonderful. I'm so glad to hear (and jealous) that the homegroup is so good for y'all.

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