Friday, June 27, 2008

Forget sugar in the raw... what about milk?

Okay so I've mentioned before I am on this health journey so to speak. I am researching about local foods, organic, etc. I am looking into raw milk and all of it's health benefits and found this great website, this will take you to the raw medicine page with a section on immune milk. It's quite fascinating! The more I research the closer I get to finalizing my decision to switch. The whole website is a plethora of knowledge on the subject... go check it out! I think there is actually a dairy farm down the road but I haven't gotten the chance to go check it out. I will try to do that this weekend and I'll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile... with all the salmonella/Ecoli scares I am definitely switching to local grown vegetables... there is just something calming about looking your farmer in the face! Lord knows where the grocery stores get their produce oh wait... it comes from all kinds of different countries that don't have the strict regulations that we do... hmmm.... and even we can get salmonilla/ecoli... hmmmm. Makes you think!

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