Saturday, December 5, 2009

aahh Baby it's cold outside!

I love Christmas and all the cold weather that comes with it. Some snow would be nice too but living in the south, you never know if you'll see it. I remember when we lived up in PA. My brother and I went nuts when there was only two inches of snow on the ground. We were making snowmen and having snowball fights. Everybody thought we were crazy but two inches was a lot to us!

I can't believe it's December already! I feel like I have accomplished a lot lately. I've been working a good bit, which is nice to make some extra money for Christmas and all the birthdays we have in December. It's Chad's birthday, then Corben's, and then Chad's mom's is Christmas Day. Could December get any busier?

I have to admit there are still boxes lurking around. With the holiday's coming up and all the family that is planning to come and visit, I have a renewed drive to get the house looking nice. It's just hard to get motivated when you are in an apartment. I keep telling myself it will only be for a little while longer. We have started to look at houses in the area. Just leisurely. We probably won't do anything until close to our lease being up but it's good to go ahead and start looking. I can't wait to know I'm going to be in one spot for a while!

I miss everybody in Augusta very much and am hoping that maybe we could come for a few days around Christmas. I'd love to be able to catch up with people if I can!

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