Monday, July 20, 2009

Preggo update week 35

Back by popular demand. My preggo update...

I'm 34 weeks and am into my 35th week. I'm SOOOO uncomfortable!!!!! Okay now that I got that out.

I'm having lots of pelvic and back pain, some acid reflux, and some trouble sleeping well. But no swelling this pregnancy! I do have that to be thankful for. I guess it makes a difference when you aren't spending 8 hours a day in an office chair.

Some days are better than others, especially in regards to energy. We are definitely gearing up for the baby to come. We had a refresher childbirth class. Even though we gave birth only 19 months ago it was still a good thing. I was so excited when I found out that the teacher was actually my lactation consultant from when Corben was born. I loved her! She even answered some of my breastfeeding questions months later and was such a great help. I would love it if she happened to be my labor and deliver nurse! She does a lot now that I think about it. She's a nurse, lactation consultant, and she teaches classes. Her card has so many initials behind it that it goes to the next line. I have no idea what most of them are but it makes me feel like she must be a very capable nurse! She was very encouraging and told me that most moms find it to be much easier to breastfeed the second time because they are not so stressed and tense about it. That made me feel good. When I told her who my Dr. was she also seemed excited about that and told me that I'm in good hands. That made me feel good too since I am using a midwife for the first time.

We really enjoyed the class and I think it helped Chad wrap his brain around the idea that the baby is going to be here soon. We have been dealing with so much lately I think it's sneaking up on both of us. However, those round ligament pains do remind me all too often now! I can definitely feel the baby lower in my pelvis and sitting on anything other than my exercise ball is pretty uncomfortable at times.

I have another Dr. appointment and ultrasound on this coming Monday to make sure everything is going well. I think I go every week after that.

Now we just have to get the house ready and I think we are going to try to make a day trip to the beach before it gets too close. There just aren't enough days in the week to get everything done!
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