Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Day Sent From Up Above

Wow, I didn't know I had that cheesy title in me.

It's what this day has done to me. I think I have a new best friend. I happened to come in contact with the coordinator of the Tuscany spa school of message about six months ago. She's such a fun, sweet person. We haven't gotten to really hang out much because we are both so busy. But the few interactions I've had with her have really made a mark. Anyway. She coordinates the school stuff and it just so happens that they are doing their prenatal message section and they needed some pregnant bodies to facilitate some practice.

Well, you know I am all about furthering someone's education and was happy to donate my body to science and lots of rubbing. Nicole you are awesome!

It was sooo nice! It was free, 90 minutes long (90 minutes!), and ssssssssssoooooo wonderful for a pregnant body. The girls were really sweet and made sure I was comfortable the whole time and made sure I was okay with every part of the message.

Then to top it all off. I came home to relieve my parents from looking after Corben for me and they had cleaned the house. Wow... I was totally pampered today. God you are looking out for me. I am sooo blessed.

Especially after dealing with all the car switching drama the past week. This was a much needed mental and physical break.

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