Sunday, June 28, 2009

Preggo update week 32

It's probably about time for another preggo update!
I have my next appointment tomorrow morning and am already in my 32nd week! Can you believe it? I think I start going every two weeks now.

I'm getting pretty big and baby Devlend loves to move around. He's going to be a feisty one or maybe just a kick-boxer. He'll move my whole body sometimes.. it's crazy. Corben was a little more subtle in his movements and stretches. Everything is going well, I'm just ready for this summer heat to pass! At least I'm not swelling yet. Thank God for that!

We're starting to think seriously about the birth, who's going to watch Corben, and the fact that we probably need to be prepared for a fast delivery. Baby will be here before we know it!

1 comment:

Sara said...

Are you doing the Red Rasberry Leaf tea again? I think I'm going to get Earth Mama Angel Baby's Third Trimester Tea this time. I can't believe you're at week 32!!

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