Saturday, May 30, 2009

Have you made someone's day lately?

It's amazing how someone can bless you so much within just a few short minutes of knowing them. Corben and I stopped by a yard sale on our way home this morning and while I was sorting through clothes Corben made friends with the woman having the yard sale's little boy. He was a little older than Corben but so sweet and couldn't wait to show Corben how things worked and what to play with next. I talked with the mom while sorting through clothes and she commented on how beautiful Corben is. What mom doesn't love that? Her daughter even held him in her lap and played with him a few minutes. He was having so much fun. I hated to have to leave.

I noticed on the way in that there was a box of A Beka curriculum for kindergarten that didn't have a price on it. So I asked her about it and she took me over and told me about it and asked if I wanted to homeschool and my response is that I want too :). Same response I gave to breastfeeding and having natural childbirth... I want to. I've never experienced it or tried it... but I want to. She told me I could have it! Really? I thanked her many times over and payed her for the baby clothes I picked up. Then I had to sadly pick Corben up and take him to the car. He was so heartbroken and cried the whole way to the car. He was enjoying himself so much and they were such a sweet family. It was only a few minutes of interaction but it made my day. I was blessed.

I did feel bad for Corben though. It just reiterates the fact that Corben does not get enough socialization. He loves being around other kids. He'll mostly just watch them, but he loves it. I feel so awful every time I think about it. It's hard for me to really play with him these days, now that I am getting bigger. Keeping a boy occupied requires a lot of roughhousing, flips and chasing :). And I just don't have it in me much. Poor guy. So later today I took him to a park with a special toddler playground to make it up to him. And of course I over did it. My back hurts from putting Corben on top of the slide over and over and I am exhausted... but Corben had a good time and got to watch other kids run and play and even go up and stare at a few toddler aged friends :). And I got to see some other moms too.

It was a good day... I'm going to go lie down now! :)

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