Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh the excitement. Good food, Family and Friends. That pie you only see twice a year on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I'm so ready for the holidays. I have my "best of Frank Sinatra" humming in the background. Sigh. I love the holidays. It always makes me reflect on the year... relationships that have come... some that have gone... new house... my first year of motherhood. So much has happened this year. I've changed so much but am more the same than ever. I'm becoming more like my mother every day. Which is comforting. If I could be some of the woman she is I'll be doing pretty good for myself. She's always been my picture of a God-fearing woman. She gave even when we didn't have very much. If she had it she would give it.. be it time, food, prayer,... She's headstrong but knows when to stand behind her guy, is always quick to tell you to have faith and don't be so negative, will pray through for you like no one else, Can make a few ingredients feed a family of 6 in a pinch :). How she did it I don't know. But they raised 4 pretty good kids. I just hope I can say the same thing someday.

::smile:: I can still hear her voice always speaking positive things over us - "I've raised 3 mighty men of God, and one mighty woman of God." So tomorrow it will be just like it is every year... lots of loud family craziness - politics, tech-nerdiness, business-talk and the tradition of hearing mom say "Take it OUTSIDE!" As the boys try to take each other down. Yes we are all adults... but it never fails... happens every year. One of them says something smart to the other and it begins :) Gotta love big families. We all have our problems, but we're family and we love each other. Thank you God for your many blessings and that we are all healthy and together this holiday season! Don't forget to hug someone and tell them you love them! Happy Thanksgiving! Bring on the Holidays... keep singing Frank...

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