Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cough Cough

Just sniffling and coughing as I take a break to talk a little bit. I've been fighting off this cold for over a week now... it been really mild. Little sore throat, little sniffle here and there. Usually I can break these kinds of things in a day. Hot tea, honey, yogurt, repeat hot tea and throw in some orange juice and my daily vitamin and I'm back to normal in a flash. This has just been lingering! It's driving me nuts. I was better for a day and then it came back worse. Fever, sore throat, congestion, cough ... yuck! I think it's finally on it's way out though. I actually feel like doing some work today.

I've been thinking about Christmas a lot and I think I would really like to do some handmade gifts for my nieces and nephews. My mom is doing felt food for the twins... it's soo adorable. You can find an example here. I've been wanting to make Corben a hat I really love these that I found on etsy. They look like they would be easy to sew up. I'm going to keep looking and I'll post what I make here and try to give you a little tutorial on how I did it. Well back to my day job. Have a great day!

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