Saturday, June 25, 2011

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I was thinking about the title of this post and I couldn't quite put my finger on the words to perfectly capture what I'm trying to say. A problem I'm all too familiar with. I can never fully explain myself, how I would like too. I guess I'm just too complex :) (my husband would be shaking his head yes right now LOL)

Through talking and sharing over the "girl's weekend," I realized there was a reoccurring theme. I have a running bucket list in my head. Through the whole weekend I ran across things that would spur me to say, "Yeah, one of my goals is ________" or "Yeah, that's something I want to do one day." I started to realize... I have a lot of those. The older I get the more I realize how much of a dreamer and visionary I am. And how a personality/spirit like that can be an amazing asset or a tragic stumbling block. It can cause you to not be content, which is something I've had to temper. In the past I've looked to the future and felt like I had to do this or that and then I would "make it" or be where I want to be.

I want to be right here, right now in this very moment. I'm content with most things in my life, but I still desire to experience and to learn. Which is the good part left over after the contentment is dealt with.

I think that is the creative nature in me. That is something I never want to temper. I get that from my dad... no, not that one... my heavenly father. God created me with a hunger to create and to experience his beauty and wonder through the world and with a little child-like curiosity sprinkled in to make it interesting :). I came across this amazing article about creativity and the Christian - it truly inspired me and reminded me that I do do my father's work. Check it out here.

I think a lot of personality traits can go either way depending on life experiences and if we choose listen to those mentors that God places in our path. If left to themselves, they can become negative but if tempered correctly it can be an amazing attribute. I'm trying to keep this in the front of my mind with the boys and encourage the beauty in their unique traits, like Corben wanting to take charge or to touch or question everything!!! Or Devlin being a go getter and wanting to see what something sounds like when you bang it on a hard surface (hence some of my favorite ceramic coasters broken!) or discovering whats in the very back of that drawer/bin/box. (insert bull in china shop here) LOL

They have some personality traits that if left to themselves could be seen as a bad thing but oh if tempered correctly watch out world for what my boys have to offer and what they dream to do and be. :) Corben's thirst to know how things work, understand people and to lead the way and Devlin's desire to explore and create new things combined with his kind heart… they will be great men someday, I just know it.

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