Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mom seeking other great Mom - loves her kids, loves her God, and maybe has a little granola/craftiness going on.

"Aristotle said that "friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies." And while that would certainly be nice, a soul to go have a cup of coffee with would be good too. But sometimes, it seems like even a java buddy is hard to find when you're a mom"

Amen and amen. I found this post on and had to watch the video. Of course the quote is what captured me right from the beginning. That quote from Aristotle is one of my absolute favorites. The man knew what he was talking about.

But why is it so hard to make mom friends? I'm going to be really transparent and awkward on this post because that's what it takes... it's like dating again. You are picking up a mom! "Hey you wanna hang out sometime?" "Love your diaper bag, wanna playdate?"

REALLY! It is the most awkward thing! I thought I was done with the whole dating thing but even then... thank God I wasn't the one doing the picking up because I sure would have been horrible at it!

When we moved here I joined the MOPS group and it was great! I loved the monthly meetings but I still never felt like I quite fit. We only met once a month and did one outing a month. I really wanted to find some "playdate or lets get some coffee" kind of moms. Don't get me wrong - I have two mom's that I hang out with here and there but I really want something deeper than that. So where would you find other mom's... other christian mom's that would be a Godly influence, someone you could pray with etc. At church right? Well, I don't really know any moms at church :(. But that's a whole other post and rant.

Seriously... I have wandered around Joanne's fabric store in hopes that I would bump into another crafty mom and we would live happily ever after... or sometimes I would settle for some sort of conversation from another adult woman. Yes I'm that creepy shopper that talks to much and tells you her life story.

It's just so flippin hard! Your schedules have to match up, your kids have to mesh, you hope your priorities and lifestyles match up, and then you think about "well... maybe she already has lots of mom friends... maybe she doesn't have time for another friend" and then you talk yourself out of it alltogether. Which I am sooo famous for! That right there is why I don't call people - "Well they are probably busy, it's probably too late, they are probably doing this or that, they are probably busy with the kids... so I'll just call later...." THEN IT NEVER HAPPENS!!!!! I never thought that being so OVER considerate would inhibit my life so much!!!

So there it is... my frustrations right now. Now go and shake off all the awkwardness. I'm sorry people, it's just where I am right now. Thanks for hanging in there with me.


Just His Best said...

You are so funny Gifton! I'll be your friend any day! Wish you were here...

Sara said...

Hahaha! bump into someone and live happily ever after. lol.
I didn't date and I still didn't get to skip it!!! You are so right. I am kinda going through that right now, because there's this other crafty mom I wanna hang with, but she has all these girlfriends on FB and I don't know if she has "room" for another friend.
She's not a Godly mom, but I'd still like to get to know her.
I miss you Gifton! I miss you Kelli!

giftonartistry said...

::Sigh:: Miss you guys! I am so blessed to have met such kindred spirits. Can I clone you guys and make you live here?

LOL... the word verification was "suckin" Hahahahaha
yes google you read my mind.

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